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Thursday, September 20, 2007


Well, I got suckered into babysitting Noah and Emily tonight [Boo!] while my sister and her husband are at the Bluffton street fair. But I mean, it's not awful. I have a Starbucks frappuccino with me and hours of Thomas the Tank Engine on both VHS and DVD. Plus, uh, my econ homework.

I really should be dong that homework right now but I can't focus. I don't care about econ anyway... as long as I pass the class. [Such a lie. I want a good grade in that class... I just don't want to work for it!]

Harold is my favorite on this show... on Thomas, I mean. Harold is the helicopter. He's the only one without creepy moving eyes. And he's not limited to the track the whole time. Heck, he's not even limited to the island of Sodor! Geesh, I wish I lived on Sodor. Let's think about it though, no really, think.

The island is first of all pretty. When there's that nice panorama shot with the trees, the setting sun, and the choo-chooing of Thomas and his buddies. Hullo, it's a lovely little island.

Besides that, how many wars happen on Sodor? None. Who would it be against? Sir Toppumhat vs. the victor? There are like three people who live there.

And finally, to go to a place where the trains talk to you is just convenient:

"Hey Thomas, take me to the mall!"

"Okay Lauren! I'll be sure to leave a boxcar empty for all your new clothes!"

"Thanks Thomas!"

Wow, see. It'd be freaking cool.

[And yes, I know that's horrible support for my Sodor theory. But right now it's keeping me busy... Especially since Noah's just sitting in his little chair and cooing. Not a lot of action goin' on here. Hmm]

yo! Lauren

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