Broken-down Poetry: the good Lord smiled, and looked the other way.


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Thursday, September 6, 2007

the good Lord smiled, and looked the other way.

And so we are here again. Guess what, folks, it's time for a new triangle.

For those of you not too sure what I'm talking about, I'll explain: God teaches me things through triangles. WHY? Well, for one, I have a tendancy to draw triangles. Secondly, triangles have 3 corners--father, son, holy spirit. You know the drill

So I have reached my 5th triangle. I'm psyched. I love it when I enter a new "season" of life. Moreover, I'm excited that God tells me when it's time for one. So here we are new Season of life, how do you do?
TRIANGLE 1: The Slice of Pizza. <--Summer 2005

The summer after 6th grade I started actually making my faith personal. Yeah, it was far from a mature faith, or even a CHRISTIAN faith [so many questions, so many things I otherwised relied on] but through that period I grew so close to God.

My faith was about proving myself. I memorized verses, I prayed and prayed and prayed. I didn't know what it was to be a Christian so I made it up. I was a moral little thing.

The pizza represents Ashley and my idea of this "pizza part-ay in heaven". We're planning a huge blowout when we get There. BarlowGirl's invited. And Big Daddy Weave.

TRIANGE 2: The Pine Tree. Summer 2005-December 2005

The pine tree meant wilderness. And what's more accurate about the wilderness than its romanticism? Think The Last of the Mohicans. Intimate. Secluded.

This year [summer after my freshmen year into my sophomore year] I had my biggest crush and longest crush up until that point. I thought this guy was it. I had never liked a guy like this one. BUT through all this God showed me how to fall passionately in love with Him, through Jesus Christ. I learned what it was like to be intimate with Christ. It was this year that I first learned how to really listen to God.
TRIANGLE 3: The Mountain. December 2005-December 2006

This was probably my least favorite triangle. The mountain represents those cool times with God. When life is easy, talking to God is easy, and show tunes flow through your head constantly. But there are things called valleys.

This year [wow, all these last close to a whole year] I had probably the most valleys I had ever had. Ashley and I had our cahoots. Amanda and I had. I was single. When I dated, we fought. School sucked like noneother [think: the beginning of junior year--tough stuff!]. It was when I learned what a "bench moment" was: when there are times it is just EASY to talk to God... and then sometimes you just have to get off the bench (which is no fun).

I experienced valleys and they helped me appreciate the Mountain.

TRIANGLE 4: Delta. December 2006-September 2007

In Chemistry Delta [a little triangle] goes above the arrow in a chemical equation to show that the products were heated. There is this law in Chemistry... you know a chemical reaction takes place if light gives heat. [a flame, glowing neon, etc] Strangely enough there is a song called Light Gives Heat by jars of clay. And even stranger, there's a verse in the bible about light. It says to be a LIGHT UNTO THE WORLD.

And that's what this triangle means.

This season I learned how to live my faith out like never before. I started a prayer group. I was reminded of God's call on my life: to be Ezekiel, the watchman.
TRIANGLE 5: Change. September 2007-->

Mr. Adams used a triangle to represent the world CHANGE today in econ. I don't think there's a better triangle than that one for this part of my life. I decided to do things differently. I'm not going to cling to my usual things, I'm going to simply trust God. I'm clean. I have no hidden sins, I'm confronting them all.

It's definately a change for me. ;-)

God is pretty cool. I'm excited to see where He's taking me. For now, I know it's going to be something different. Wow, it sounds like I'm trying to add a conclusion to this blog. It needs none!


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