Broken-down Poetry: December 2010


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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"Let's break up," a poem

“Let’s break up,” she said
just to rile him up.
She liked the way
his eyes turned glossy.
If she were lucky
a tear would ski down
his cheek
dodging flags and trees
called freckles
and she could catch it
on its final turn
on a lower peak
before the big finale
(all for dramatic effect).

She folded her arms,
took a step back, and
waited. “Well?”

“Okay,” he replied.
“I never liked you much


(It's fiction, geez.)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Incarnation, a poem

The Incarnation

Let’s talk the “Incarnation”
because it is a big word
for something easy for me
to describe: God the baby.
God, who has the power
to shape-shift, turned himself from
a God into a human.

Sort of. It’s not exactly
that simple. Or…correct. I
may have tried to make this a
little sci-fi, easier
to swallow for we who don’t
like the idea that God
would turn himself into one
of us. We’re kind of screw ups.
Why would he want to be like
us anyhow? And why come
as a six pound, five ounce babe?

I find it impossible
to imagine you teething,
spitting up, dragging your full
diaper on the ground behind
you--you, a God, someone we
call Jehovah Jirah, God
the Provider, who is now
in his crib or trough crying,
wanting milk, needing his mom.

If I were honest, I would
tell you I like you like that:
small, innocent, pathetic,
unable to lift your head
even. Helpless. Like you’re like
me. Like you’re me who’s drowning
in the demands of people
who don’t realize that I
cannot even lift my head.

But I don’t imagine you
like that, not even on Christ-
mas when Nativity scenes
pop up everywhere. I
can’t stop myself from thinking
about you on that cross or
walking on water. You’re a
man with a straggly beard, not a
baby wrapped in tattered cloth.

I don’t picture you as a
babe, but maybe I need to.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Finals interlude

Okay, so I haven't been inspired to write at all. I'm just trying to get everything finished: finals, classes, papers, projects, etc.

So here's a poem I wrote for creative writing this semester. It's about -- guess who?

On his windowsill he keeps
dead insects in alcohol
in glass vials. Dragonflies
and moths with motionless wings
sit still, keeping guard. Below,
he sits on his couch not a
bed—he doesn’t own one. He
sleeps hard on the floor alone.

On his couch, behind a closed
door, he thinks and stares at
the cardboard beer box he cut
and flattened into d├ęcor
above his closet. The rest
of the wall: bare, beige, and bland,
except for a lithograph
of Emily Dickinson,
plucked from a library book.

In the corner: his altar.
Three guitars—an acoustic,
electric, and bass—lean up
against his vintage, baby-
blue, nineteen-seventies amp.
A one-millimeter pick
sits and waits for him to play.
When he does play, it’s with shut
eyes. Concentrating, he jams.

With knock-knock-knock on the door,
a young woman walks into
the bachelor’s dead-bug, bed-less
hub—his pad. He stands up and
hugs her, smells her hair, kisses
her neck near her collar bone.
He says, “I love you, pumpkin.”

Deep, pleasant sigh.


Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Break Goals 2010

Okay, I used to do this all the time. Every Christmas, spring, and summer break I'd make a list of goals I want to accomplish. Especially with three and a half weeks off, I figured this would be appropriate to do.

Some goals. (Note: Some are completely shallow. Some seem very self-righteous. Let those two balance each other out.)

1. Read three books. Ideas: To Kill a Mockingbird, finish Wild at Heart, Drops Like Stars, a book by Brian McLaren, probably one of the five I asked for for Christmas.

2. Volunteer five times. I miss InAsMuch. I miss working with people one-on-one. 

3. Do my Sojourn homework. Yeah, so the Sojourn has homework.

4. Write a paper. There are so many comm. theory papers I want to write.... I don't know if I'll actually write them, but I want to research them, just for kicks. Honestly, this will help me with my senior project next year.

5. Get a tan. Yup. I'm doing it. Sorry, anti-tanning-booth people.

6. Practice being wise with money. Okay, so in general I'm not bad with money. I can make $100 last me a month if I have to. BUT now that I have money and a consistent income, I need to practice saving and investing and using less of my disposable income on crap I don't need (i.e. food). Basically, I need to budget.

7. Update resume/apply for internships. Summer will come fast.

8. Take care of Body. My poor body has had it rough this semester. Over break I want to get in the habit of sleeping 7-9 hours, eating healthfully, doing physical activity, etc.

9. Blog/write for fun. Yeah, so who has time for this anyway? At the middle of the semester I was decent at updating my blog, at least for poetry. I need to keep doing this. I only have a few writing classes next semester, I can write more for fun. Really. I can. 

10. Relax. I need to do a lot of this. I have had a crazy semester. Tons of work. Upper-level classes. A boyfriend. Geez. I'm exhausted.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Txt Msg

Sometimes this is how I feel.

Also, I never text like this.

Txt Msg

God, why ddnt u
answer my txt?
I sent it ystrdy
at 2 pm
rght aftr I rolld out of

It said
help me plz
bcs Ive lost my
step or my way
or wtvr
ppl say when
they do smthng

But u ddnt
evn rspnd or
evn notify me
that my txt ddnt
go thru like
ur sppsd to
whn theres silence
4 a while