Broken-down Poetry: delaying gratification


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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

delaying gratification

So God's teaching me what that means: to delay gratification. Because, as most people are, I'd rather have things handed to me without any struggle and without any time lost. And when that's not reality, I get ticked.

I mean, it's not like I desire bad things to be gratified. Like, the Bible is filled with verses about not gratifying your SINFUL desires. Oh, it's none of that. I just want things my way. And when they don't work out the way I'd like, in MY time frame, I get upset.

It's a matter of patience more than anything else. If I ever just looked at things in a broader perspective, realizing that my time frame is insignificant, I'd see that it really IS okay that things aren't "working out as I had planned" because God knows what He's doing. I can hold out just a little longer.... and expect that God is working for my good.

And so, I will delay gratification as long as I can.



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