Broken-down Poetry: overwhelmed


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Thursday, September 13, 2007


Today was the first day I've felt overwhelmed this school year. Luckily, though I had about 5 writing assignments this week, I got all my English done BEFORE tomorrow's due date. But as for newspaper... I'm sorry but it's really hard to write about sushi!

And so now, though I have econ to read, I'm going to just rest. Rest and bask in the peace that comes from God. <3

Even more, I'm going to bask and listen to Dustin Kensrue while I take a nice long bubble bath. [aaahhh...] And then when all of that is finished and I have revised my article one more time (or add a bunch of words b/c its still a good 200 words short!) I will do my econ... and pray that I understand it. [ha, what an awful quiz today, am I right?]


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