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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mr. Sunshine

Today I had a freshmen year flashback.

Second semester of my freshmen year I was blessed with B lunch... and no one to sit by. [[How come everyone has C lunch anymore?]] Nevertheless, I was forced to sit by people I didn't really know. And talk to people I didn't really know.

Well, today, Wednesday, I had to do that exact same thing... and will have to do it all semester. Ironically, I'm sitting by the same people I sat with freshmen year. And I'm still making that nonsensical small talk.

And so I got to thinking.

Maybe that's a good goal to have. I need to learn to make small talk a lot better. I mean, I'm good at making it with people I know fairly well. Like kids at youth group. But how about people I don't know? And adults [gulp!]?

So I have decided to comprise a list of things I should be able to do by the end of this school year.

  1. Be confident and unafraid to make small talk with adults and students

  2. Learn how to write an effective newspaper/magazine article

  3. Learn how to write eloquently

  4. Learn how to control the sound system at church [unrelated but hey, I wanna learn]

  5. Learn how to manage my own business including advertisement and marketing [!]

Hopefully those will be accomplished by the end of this year. Or at least, uh, practically accomplished. Like being on the VERGE of accomplishment. Yeah. That'll do.

Today's my first day of my internship. I'm excited. I hope I learn some nice quality things. I want to put this on my resume and be able to say, "Yes, my internship at Northeast Christian Church was a success for me because...." :-)

Afraid of the future.

As usual.

Lauren Deidra

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