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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I finally found a blogging site that isn't restricted at school. Kudos to me.

Talk about uneventful. I'm about to fall asleep and I still have a good 55 minutes left of school. I have my homework due friday complete. I suppose I could grab my econ book from my locker and get that done way ahead of time. But then what would I do in study hall tomorrow?

The good thing is, I have plenty of time to do my gov't correspondance studies, write my article for Newspaper, do some websiting, scholarships, etc. But will I actually do that stuff? Probably not.

[I should though.]

After I do all the hw I have for the next two weeks it'll be time to start on the more necessary stuff. Geesh.

Two weeks from Friday is Godstock. In other words, two weeks to secure the bands, make fliers, blahdy blah.... As excited as I am for it, I'm afraid it'll suck. Or it'll just be hardcore kids. Nothing against them, but what about the non-skinny jean wearing crowd without the band tees and scene hair and....

Our rock groups and acoustic-y stuff is not really... good. Well, I think the hornbargers and Gabe Schneider's band is good. Eric and Mandy are good too. If we get Mile 7... they're good as well but that's like it. No one replied to me or Ashley about playing. Sadly, we need them. [even if they suck]

I guess we don't NEED them. I just want more bands because they have their groupies and that means more admissions. [Gotta send some kids to camp!]

Nevertheless, I'm a little concerned about the whole thing. But it'll be okay. I hope.

I suppose I should start on that working ahead thing I was talking about before.

Happy Tuesday.

In Him. With Love,

Lauren Deidra

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