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Saturday, August 25, 2007

do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you;

Today's rant:

I've realized something about people, in particular teens, and their appreciation for what they have--be it a person place or thing. Really, it's all about a lack of appreciation--teenagers seem to forget to appreciate what they have, except when that thing is taken away from then. Then they whine.

I put myself into that category as well. I myself do it just as much as the next person, maybe even more, but I'm not about to justify it. Being unappreciative is just like being selfish. Either one's a sin.

Let's talk hypothetically here. Say Ted has this iPod video. He loves it. He takes it everywhere. But one day his mom gives him an iPhone. What's he going to do with that iPod? Give it to the homeless? Donate it to a non-profit org.? No.

He's going to either sell it on ebay or keep it for who-knows-what.

Yeah, he likes his iPhone way more than that iPod video, but he's not about to just throw it away. Too many memories. Too much money spent.

Example number two: Say you have this awesome youth pastor. He's young, hip, and knows a thing or two about Jesus. Well, ya'll are really close for a year or so... then one day you get a new youth coach. Now this guy is youngER and hipPer and can't talk about Jesus without a big smile on his face. You cling to him.


He's young? he's hip?

No, he's new.

Your youth pastor is thrown out into the dust. You like this new guy better. He's young, he's hip, you say. He knows a thing or two about Jesus [but so does your youth pastor!].

And if your youth pastor backs off to let the new guy have some of the spotlight...?

You feel abandoned, betrayed, or like your youth pastor never mattered to you at all. All because the new guy is, in fact, new.

Maybe this wasn't hypothetical afterall. But you see the point. No people or things are perfect--they weren't meant to be. But you cannot throw people out the way you throw away your old ipod.

Be appreciative.


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