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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I've been extremely cynical these past few days (thanks a bunch, Summit!), so I thought I'd channel that angst into ... uh ... stereotyping people.

Okay, I explained that poorly. I just think in charts. (Remember that episode of How I Met Your Mother when Marshall finds out that the print shop at work can make charts for him, so he makes really random charts all the time, driving everyone crazy and eventually leading them to do an intervention?) It's like that.

Elizabeth and I were waiting outside of our classroom for Dr. Allison to unlock the door. While the rest of our class socialized, we sat on a bench observing. Rather, I observed. I don't know what Elizabeth was doing.

Anyway, I came up with a theory based off my class. It's pretty true, with only a few exceptions. Observe:

Of course if I were to put myself onto this chart - not officially a writing major yet or an English major - I'd put myself with the Girl English Majors, like Elizabeth. (I know that's pretty unfair. I'm calling myself quiet and cool. Most of the time neither of those are true.)

But really, start plugging people into this baby. It's amazing how true it is. I mean, if we're going to generalize people into harsh categories like this.

I have another theory about comm. majors too. It's also filled with lots of rude stereotypes.

THEORY: Comm. majors have more fun than any other major.

PROOF: Communication is the department you turn to when you don't have any other academic interests. You're not a huge fan of school anyway, so you might as well do something enjoyable. 'Cause really, who DOESN'T like being on the radio or filming basketball games or acting?

MORE PROOF: Since you aren't as academically-minded you don't spend your Saturday nights doing homework. You actually have fun, unlike those crazy nursing and pre-med/bio majors. (More stereotypes!)

EXCEPTIONS: Me. I'm a nerdy comm. major and I have plenty of academic interests.

I have more theories, like how elementary education majors get to relive childhood. And how CM majors are arrogant. Haha. That's not really true. I only know one CM major, Santos, and he isn't arrogant. I like ruffling feathers.


Back to that cynicism: there will be a blog to come. I want to wait a little while till I've cooled off and heard everyone's side of the story. No use ranting.

So enjoy this not-always-correct, yet pretty-much-correct chart and the other theories that followed. And have a lovely day.

See you on the cynic-side.

With love and squalor,
Lauren Deidra

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