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Monday, January 4, 2010

Interlude II: writing goals

I warned you about five blog posts ago that I cannot do series because I have commitment issues. I believe I said: I write what I want to write when I want to write it. I have tons to say about Grace, which is my last topic in my four-part series, but have no desire to write anything serious. So here's a list of goals.

Lauren's Writing Goals for 2010

1. Write more fiction. I noted this in my previous post, but I don't use my blog for fiction writing. Truthfully, I do very little fiction writing. Even when I do, it's all based off of reality one way or another. (Hint: Caitlyn and Jared are fictitious representations of reality.)

I want to write more fiction pieces, mainly to practice my literary skills. I've spent so much time worrying about what I'm saying and ignoring how I'm saying it. Writing fiction will make me focus on the how as well as the what.

Also, it's a lot of fun. I love Story.

2. Write more frequently. I average about 2-3 blogs a month. That's a little lame. Granted, I write a lot in my classes and with the Sojourn, but that shouldn't stop me from at least writing once a week, or four times a month (some weeks are really busy).

I don't want to be like my fellow blogger Matthew Paul Turner who blogs about 3 times a day, but I should at least stay consistent.

3. Connect with other bloggers. Last year I've made some really awesome contacts. I've interviewed the aforementioned Matthew Paul Turner, who has written numerous books. I'm email-friends with Jason Boyett, who I got on 94.3 The Fortress and was interviewed by him for a magazine article. I've talked to Dylan Peterson on the phone (former RELEVANT audio guy who has incredible taste in music). I've sat down and chatted with Dan Merchant, the guy behind the "Lord Save us from Your Followers" documentary.

(I love name-dropping.)

But I want to stay in contact with those bloggers (and other bloggers) to learn from them, to network with them, and hopefully one day be part of their cool Christian media club. (I know that club exists; I follow all of you on Twitter and it's so obvious you have a secret club.)

4. Take risks! The one that makes my writing unique is my voice. It's always been this way. As I told my friend at Old Crown today, I always try to balance quirkiness with professionalism - even in my writing. But in doing so, I don't go far outside my comfort zone. As noted before, I don't write a lot of fiction, mainly because I'm not very good at it. I want to start experimenting with my writing, even if I fail miserable. (Hint: If I write something that really, really sucks, please tell me. In a nice way. Don't use any expletives, please.)

5. Learn big words. I'm pretty sure this has always been a goal of mine. I like looking up my Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level - what grade level I write in - and the only time it's above fourth or fifth grade is when I use really complicated syntax (sentences). My diction (wordage) isn't very convoluted (complex). I have a tiny vocabulary.

I think these are pretty decent goals. Very doable.

with love and squalor,

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