Broken-down Poetry: A rant. Please enjoy.


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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A rant. Please enjoy.

The book I have to read for my TUFW online class tells me that I need to consistantly write/blog in order to develop a discipline. And so that is what I am doing. I hope that excites you. ;-)

Today I spent time reading fine poetry. No wait, I was listening to Thrice. Oh... same thing.

I know I lost about half my readership right then because for some reason no one seems to share the same love(/obsession) with Thrice as I have. But anyway, let's forget our prejudice and listen to Auntie Lauren for a little bit.

Wow, I think I lost the other half of my readers.

Anyway, I was reading my fine poetry when I realized that HEY! this song by Thrice is formatted like a Shakespearean sonnet. It turns out that saying that music is just poetry put to a melody was correct about Thrice anyway.

It turns out Thrice has 4 songs written in this format. All four are the final songs on the Alchemy Index EPs. If you knew that already, good job.


So these four sonnets also have something ELSE special about them. They all are written in the point of view of one of the four elements: earth, air, fire, water.

And not only that, all the elements can be juxtaposed with Christ Himself. (But WAIT if you call now...!)

I mean, comparing Christ to FIRE kind of makes sense (think, consuming fire and all that). And comparing Him to WATER kind of makes sense as well (living water n' all that). But EARTH and AIR? What kind of crazy world is this?!

Uhm, it's a Thrice world and we are mere listeners and fans.

-- END RANT --

So for those of you who still disagree with me that Thrice is not the best band ever, I have decided to start an ongoing project called: PROVE TO THE WORLD THAT THRICE IS THE BEST BAND EVER. (Creative name, huh?) Which means this: After every blog I write (unless it's so serious that it'd totally kill the mood) I will list one of my reasons. I know, you're excited. It's called freedom of speech, my lovelies. You must deal with it.

So to begin, I will start with reason number 1:


Thrice wrote a song called CHILD OF DUST which not only is written as a classic Shakespearean sonnet, but it takes a nice spin on the Prodigal Son story found in Luke 15. The song is in the point of view of EARTH calling mankind her "prodigal" who has taken advantage of EARTH's beauty and destroyed it for his own gain. But instead of the Biblical repentance-redemption story, EARTH lets mankind pay for their mistakes. ("A child of dust to mother now return/ for every seed must die before it grows / and though above the world may toil and turn / no prying spade will find you here below") EARTH let's her child die because she believes that may be the only way her prodigal learns. It's not a story of hope, but one of justice. (And I think it's beautiful. Kudos, DK, kudos.)

Dear prodigal, you are my son and I
Supplied you not your spirit, but your shape.
All Eden's weath arrayed before your eyes;
I fathomed not you wanted to escape.

And though I only ever gave you love,
like every child you’ve chosen to rebel;
uprooted flowers and filled the holes with blood;
ask for not whom they toll the solemn bells.

A child of dust to mother now return;
for every seed must die before it grows.
and though above the world may toil and turn,
no prying spade will find you here below.

Now safe beneath their wisdom and their feet,
Here i will teach you truly how to sleep.


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