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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I wrote in my journal today about how I understand why ANGER is one of the Seven Deadliest Sins.

I'm really sick of people's attitudes.
What's worse is that I can't even pretend that my attitude's any better.
I roll my eyes at people who say mean, bigoted curses,
but then I think worse thoughts in my head.
I need a refocus.

I'm reading a book of sayings by the Desert Fathers, early church monks who lived in the desert (duh) to escape society and politics. I can't get one line out of my head:

So it is with anyone who lives in a crowd; because of the turbulence, he does not see his sins: but when he has been quiet, above all in solitude, then he recognizes his own faults.

There's so much truth to that. I think about what I said a few posts ago, about "revertigo," how whenever I'm on campus I start losing focus on things that matter. It's because there are so many distractions. So much is going on. There's so much to do.

At home, my bedroom is my monastery.

Here, though I live in community with my sisters in Christ (my fellow "nuns," to continue the metaphor), I can't get the quietness of a real monastery. It's keeping me from seeing my sins ... perhaps because I focus too much on others'.

I really need a refocus.


Over Christmas break I wrote a creed, a statement of beliefs in rhetoric that I understand, emphasizing points that I believe to be most essential. I imagine this is a work in progress.

But, in light of that perhaps unnecessary preface, here is my creed:

We believe in God, Maker of all we can and cannot see.
We believe in the Trinity: the holy relationship of Father, of Son and Spirit.
We believe that one Third of the Trinity, Jesus Christ, became human to liberate us.

We believe He was born of a virgin’s seed, lived on earth as a human, was tempted – like us, suffered – like us, but remained without fault.

He was tried and put to death as a threat to the Empire. And on the third day he resurrected, reacquainted with his followers, and ascended into heaven.

We believe in sola gratia – that only through God’s radical forgiveness we can be Liberated.
We believe in sola fide – that only through taking Jesus seriously can we receive His Grace.
We believe in sola Scriptura – that only through God’s Speaking can we know this Truth.

We believe in the universal Church, acting as Christ to the world: professing peace, love, grace and justice. We believe in the Kingdom already established on earth, and not yet complete.



Is there anything in my creed you would emphasize more? Is there anything you'd emphasize less? 

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