Broken-down Poetry: ... but look on the bright side.


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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

... but look on the bright side.

a poem. by Lauren.

I had to give my speech this morning instead of Thursday ... but some kid is buying me coffee to make up for it!

The sound clips in my Thrice speech didn't work ... but some guy played Image of the Invisible on his laptop after my speech!

I forgot to make a cover page for my COM outline ... but I ran to the Mac lab and printed off a copy in time for class!

The speeches in COM were deathly boring ... but I got a candy cane!

I waited in line for an hour to register for classes ... but all of the classes I wanted to take were still open!

I had to get signatures for two of my classes ... but I got new ear buds in the mail!

I got my new ear buds stuck inside my printer (ugh, long story) ... but Haley and I got to go to all the boys' dorms to find a gentleman with a screw driver!

I went to the front desk five times trying to find the right screw driver ... but there was a guy down there that liked my Thrice t-shirt!

I spent two hours before dinner attempting to retrieve my ear buds ... but I learned that I still have over 30 meals and 100 points on my card!

They ran out of ranch dressing in the salad bar line ... but they had stuffed ice cream in the demo line! (like Coldstone!)

I have a lot of homework still to do ... but the adrenaline of the day has helped me chug through it!

The top half of my SD card went missing (um, don't ask) ... but I found it!

The Lord takes away ... but the Lord also gives and gives and gives!

the end.

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